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Custom development or integration? The best software solution for each project. Project Development for the digital transformation of your company

We automate processes, save resources.

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We like to develop digital solutions and it shows in the products and services we create.

At bidari we define the specific needs of each company to develop custom software. First we analyze if there is any standard program that can meet those needs and if so, we will implement it. But when we don't find that base program to start from, we develop your software project from scratch.

We are a software development company in Mallorca aiming at offering a solution to the technological challenges of SMEs, freelancers, startups and business organizations.

Types of software development:

  • Web portal.
  • Booking engines for hotels or holiday rentals.
  • Intranets.
  • CRM solutions.
  • ERP solutions.

This is how we work on a software development project:

We listen: We take requirements and needs analysis.

To begin with, we take the time to know what you really need. In order to give you the best solution, we soak up the essence of your business and examine the requirements of your project. We analyze everything that needs to be implemented to find the best way to do it.

We organise: We define the necessary resources and agree on a schedule.

We are rigorous with the agreed dates and we provide the best resources for your project. We care that your software has the quality you need.

We devise: We design the solution.

We make a functional definition in detail so that nothing escapes us. We choose the technology that best suits your project. We design the solution defining a software architecture on which to work to offer the best results.

We implement: We develop the solution.

Now it's about taking that definition of functional requirements to start wirtting the code to build your custom application or technological solution. We love development and it shows in the final solution.

We test: We test the solution.

As we develop, we subject the product to the necessary tests to verify that everything works according to the requirements. We do manual and automatic tests, depending on what each project needs to guarantee the highest level of quality.

We evolve: We do an evolutionary maintenance of the software solution.

We can give you the solution for your team to take care of it, or maintain it ourselves. All our custom software development projects have a guarantee period.

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