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We are passionate about the challenge of positioning a page in the first positions of search engines, google, bing and others.

Online SEO Strategies

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Our deep understanding of businesses helps us define the best SEO strategy for your business.
Not every visit to your website is worthwhile, we focus on attracting quality traffic, clients that are important to your business.
We have SEO experience in many sectors. Some of the most prominent are:

  • SEO positioning for vacation rentals.
  • SEO positioning for real estate.
  • SEO positioning for hotels.
  • SEO positioning for B2B companies.
  • SEO positioning for B2C companies.

What sets us apart as an SEO agency:

  • We are SEO specialists with success stories based 100% on organic traffic and web optimisation.
  • We have a broad business vision, which helps us define the best SEO strategy for you.
  • We have a vocation to share our knowledge and we also to continue learning so we may provide the best SEO service to our clients.
  • We are transparent and from the first moment we explain the reason for each SEO action that we execute.

SEO services we offer

SEO is vital for any online business that wants to attract qualified visitors to its website. It is necessary to work on different areas of SEO. For all these reasons, the services we offer are varied:

Keyword Research

Search for keywords, study of the competition and the organization of keywords within the architecture of the web, based on the important key aspects for SEO and Business.

Information architecture

Strategy and planning. The basis of any project is to work on a correct information architecture: URLs, content location, categories, tags, filters...etc.

OnPage Optimisation

Realization of all aspects of web optimization, both technical, as well as architecture and content, necessary to guarantee a correct tracking and a perfect positioning and indexing of the website in the main search engines.

Content Marketing

Identification of the target customer to whom the content is directed, creation of langing pages focused on being positioned.

Local SEO

We position your local business to appear geolocated on the map when searching for the keyword or service that your business offers in the market.

SEO audit and web analytics

We analyse your current business to understand possible errors and offer solutions in this regard. We monitor and study web traffic, to draw conclusions and make decisions about it to increase traffic.

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