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At bidari we sit down with you to understand your business thoroughly and detect where we can help you.

the customer at the center of the strategy

At bidari we sit down with you to know your business thoroughly and detect where we can help you. Defining the digital strategy is an artisans job that must be adapted to the reality of each company. We use a methodology that allows us to cover all the important areas of digital strategy. We review in depth the following areas:

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  • Digital branding

    We analyze the digital presence of your brand in online media

  • Customer definition

    We identify the different types of digital customers

  • Customer journey

    Once we know who your customer is, we identify how to reach him

  • Platforms and media

    We define the platforms that will be involved in the digital strategy

  • Contents

    We create ideal content for each platform with the intention of attracting, converting and engaging

  • Measurement plan

    We define KPIs and implement a visualization and reporting plan

Depending on your needs we can help you with:

  • Digital strategy for companies looking for online opportunities

    We define your digital strategy to optimize the use of marketing tools within the digital competitive environment of the company.

  • Online business consultancy for startups

    When the business is still quite young we help companies understand the feasibility of their internet project, and its models of monetization and digital growth.

  • Digital transformation for established companies

    We use the tools offered by the digital environment to globally transform your company, covering almost all processes or departments, even the most traditional ones, and providing the business with a "digital layer" that allows it to reach new competitive scenarios from a digital perspective.

what we can do for your company

  • Define digital strategies

  • Identify growth opportunities

  • Optimize processes

how do we implement a digital strategy?

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