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Mobile apps development

We turn your idea into a mobile app We help startups and companies define, design and launch their mobile business

Native App or hybrid app. Your product or service will tell us which is the best choice.

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In the development of mobile apps we find different types of projects. At bidari, whatever the project, we always analize it and try to give the best alternative to the client in the development or maintenance of their mobile application.

Design and Development of Mobile businesses from 0

We take care of the development of innovative and original mobile applications adapted to the needs of the client. We will work on the idea you have in mind and we will contribute with our extensive experience to achieve the best result. We manage the entire life cycle of the mobile application development process. The different stages are:

Maintenance of existing mobile apps

We enhance the look, feel, and functionality of your existing mobile app by integrating custom features and creating new designs to improve aesthetics, navigation, and mobile responsiveness. We can also solve any setback that may arise as well as the maintaining the app so it is updated with the market latest features. We ensure that it works in optimal conditions on all devices, that there are no errors and that it has visibility in the Apple and Google stores.

Business Mobile App Development

We create business mobile applications that meet security and reliability requirements so that organizations can increase productivity, optimizing workflows and having greater control of processes. Our team of professionals has the capacity to ensure the security of your mobile application.

This is how we work on a mobile app development project:

  • Conceptualisation of the mobile product or service.
  • Definition of the designs and the UX/U user experience.
  • Development for both IOS and native Android or with React Native.
  • Publishing the app in the Apple Store and Google Play stores.
  • Evolutionary maintenance.

We use the technology that best suits your project.

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If you want to entrust us with the development of your mobile app: